Chapter 36 Review: Resource Acquisition and Transport in Vascular Plants

  1. What is the main cause of guttation in plants?
    1. root pressure <==== correct
    2. transpiration (wrong)
    3. pressure flow in phloem (wrong)
    4. herbivore injury (wrong)
    5. condensation of atmospheric water (wrong)
  2. What is the mutualistic association between roots and fungi called?
    1. carbon fixation (wrong)
    2. nitrogen fixation (wrong)
    3. mycorrhizae <==== correct
    4. parasitism (wrong)
    5. root hair enhancement (wrong)
  3. The proton pump
    1. pumps H+ out of the cell. <==== correct
    2. pumps H+ into the cell. (wrong)
    3. generates energy by producing ATP. (wrong)
    4. provides energy for osmosis. (wrong)
    5. reduces membrane potential. (wrong)
  4. Anions such as nitrate are usually taken into a cell by
    1. osmosis. (wrong)
    2. cotransport with protons. <==== correct
    3. active transport of the anions. (wrong)
    4. pumping the anions. (wrong)
    5. increasing the membrane potential. (wrong)
  5. Which type of cells regulates stoma opening in plants?
    1. guard cells <==== correct
    2. tracheids (wrong)
    3. sieve-tube members (wrong)
    4. companion cells (wrong)
    5. mycorrhizae (wrong)
  6. Translocation moves
    1. phloem sap to xylem sap. (wrong)
    2. water to phloem. (wrong)
    3. potassium ions into the cytosol. (wrong)
    4. minerals into mycorrhizae (wrong)
    5. sugar from source to sink. <==== correct