Chapter 44 Animations   Study Guide

Unit 7: Animal Form and Function Osmoregulation and Excretion Review
  1. All organisms live in a fluid environment with different osmotic situations and must have adaptations for to maintain water balance.
  2. Marine animals living in sea water water and salt, so must constantly drink water and salt.
  3. Freshwater animals water and salts from their environment, so must constantly dilute urine.
  4. Nitrogenous wastes from the breakdown of and acids also play a role in osmoregulation.
  5. Many excretory systems maintain osmoregulation and excrete nitrogenous wastes through by refining a filtrate derived from body fluids.
  6. The of a planarian filter fluids through a , which is a network of dead-end tubules lacking internal openings.
  7. The of an earthworm consist of open-ended tubules that collect fluid.
  8. The tubules of terrestrial arthropods remove nitrogenous wastes from the .
  9. The mammalian excretory system consists of paired each supplied with blood by a renal and drained by a renal .
  10. hormone (ADH) increases water reabsorption in the distal tubule and collecting duct by making them more to water.
  11. is another hormone that increases water reabsorption in the tubule.
    Review: Control of Water Reabsorption
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